Kaali Saree Dress


Made in a totally sheer chiffon, the drapes offer coverage in all the important places. The merge of ancient draping culture meets hot girl summer. This piece tries to honor a silhouette known to most mainland south Asian women, and can be seen as extremely sexy or as a symbol of tradition. When founder Natasha Sumant was first forced to wear a saree she draped it low enough to hide her combat boots. This is the approach we took with making this dress - we hope that it satisfies your urge to honor your culture while rebelling against parts of it at the same time.

Fits true to size. Model pictured wears a size S and L, respectively.
Manufactured by Untitled Design LLP.
Base, 100% recycled polyester. Drape, 100% silk chiffon. Dry clean only.

Made with love by women

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