a female thug, it’s a Hindi colloquialism often used to describe women who live by their own rules

Our Ethos

It’s been over 60 years since the end of colonialism. Yet in many ways, the same systems that subjugated the local textile industry then still influence the way in which things are structured now. Profit is lies largely in the hands of middlemen, minorities are the most marginalised group, and the principles of development still prioritise profit over the rights of those at the start of the supply chain – farmers and craftsmen, their families and inherited traditions.

Gundi began in 2018 when founder Natasha Sumant decided it was time to build a clothing brand that would push for a new, more equitable industry. One that would bring the spotlight back on traditional techniques and prioritise the livelihoods of the women (and allied men) whose hands make the clothes that we love to wear.


Gundi means female thug. It’s a Hindi colloquialism oftenused to describe women who live by their own rules.And that’s exactly who the brand is for rebellious, loud, unfiltered women.

The brand is the creative vision of Natasha Sumant. A graduate of Parsons School of Design, New York, Natasha worked as an art director for several years before starting Gundi Studios in 2018. “I was tired of seeing representations of meek South Asian women in the media and decided to create my own character and space for girls like me,” says Natasha.

At Gundi, we employ women at every level of our supply chain, and some allied men. Our partners are vetted and we aim to only work with the most ethical practices at hand.

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