Chaandi Saree Dress


A play on our classic saree dress silhouette made out of a luxurious yet sexy see-through silk orangza base, with silver mashroo fabric draped in as a saree!

This Mashroo is hand-woven by our artisan partners in Kutchh. Woven by Dalit sisters Amruta and Manjula Vankar, based in Bhujodi. Most weavers would rather let the tradition die than teach their daughters but these two keep it alive and make their family money.

This dress runs small, but as a woven fabric, it will shape to your body over time.
Manufactured by Gundi Studios Delhi Workshop. Dry clean only.
Base 100% Silk organza fabric. Drape 50% cotton 50% silk (mashroo).

Made with Care
Mashroo is a traditional textile art form with roots deep in Islamic culture, particularly prevalent in the Indian subcontinent. The word "Mashroo" is derived from the Arabic word "Mashruba," meaning something that is permitted or lawful. The distinctive feature of Mashroo fabric lies in its weaving technique. The fabric is woven with a combination of silk and cotton threads, creating a unique texture and appearance.

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