Our Impact Story

Gundi aims to empower the artisan, garment worker, and the consumer. We start at the root; developing fabrics, dyes and prints with families of crafts people in
the subcontinent.

Take for example the cotton for our T-shirts which is sourced from Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills, where all farmers own a share of the company.

Our silhouettes are the designed based on market research together with an understanding of the skills that our artisans seek to develop and showcase. Designs are then sent to our partner families like Saheli Women to be cut and sewed into garments. Even our packaging for internal purposes — we try as hard as possible to be zero waste – is made out of corn starch.

Saheli Women

Saheli Women is a non-profit social enterprise that was founded to empower women through economic self-sufficiency. The atelier works with 35 women from Bhikamkor village in rural Rajasthan, bringing them safe employment, health insurance, and fair wages so that they can bring life to the products that you are able to enjoy.

Kullvi Whims

Kullvi Whims was founded by a group of women from Naggar, a village in the mountainous region of Himachal Pradesh, India. Specialising in a range of crafts – crochet, knitting, spinning, and dyeing – the Kullvi women are not only able to support themselves, but they also nurture the region’s indigenous sheep wool industry.


Antaran is a comprehensive program spearheaded by the Tata Trusts, one of India’s biggest philanthropic organisations, that aims to revive ailing handloom clusters across the Indian subcontinent. The organisation currently works with six handloom clusters in four Indian states –Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Assam and Nagaland – guiding artisans at all stages of production and business development.

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