Rangeela Saree Dress

This piece honors a silhouette known to most mainland south asian women, and can be seen to some as extremely sexy or to others as a symbol of the most traditional piece of clothing known to the dominant south asian culture. When founder Natasha Sumant was first forced to wear a saree she draped it low enough to hide her combat boots underneath it. This is the approach we took with making this dress, convenient enough to pee in without undoing the drapes, but short enough for your mum to disapprove — we hope that it satisfies your urge to honor your culture while rebelling against parts of it at the same time. Made on large rolls of UV-dyed fabric, no one dress is the same.

Fits true to size. Model pictured wears a size S.
Manufactured by Gundi Studios Delhi Workshop.
100% Satin Silk, ombre dyed with azo free dyes. Dry clean only.
Made with love by women

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